It’s not about the numbers, but about the places…. Part 2
Gorgeous Gorges and other great places

Back from Legoland we went to search for some caches. What else?
I never knew there are oilfields in Bavaria, this was really a surprise for me:
Pferdekopfpumpe Gegenlicht
A horseheadpump at work. No, this is not some major oilfield in Texas, just a small one in Bavaria. Even though I felt like being abroad.
There is something new to learn every day, and I really like how geocaching is leading me to all these interesting places.

It had been a very hot day in Legoland, so we went for a swim in a river. Can’t say the fisherman was too happy about us disturbing the fish. But even the fishermen in Bavaria look really Bavarian, I kind of liked the cute hat.

Bavarian fisherman
Bavarian fisherman

Monday saw us on our way south, where I took a detour to an Earthcache, cause it had been praised in the Geoclub as one of the must visits in Germany.
What can I say: the praise is greatly deserved.
Unfortunately we were travelling during a really hot spell, the temperatures were around 35°C. Without an air conditioning in the car, it got uncomfortably hot.
So we visited Germany’s coldes place that day: The Earthcache at the Partnach Gorge lead us to a gorge with raging turquise waters. The walk along the path was blissfully cool and really stunning, especially as we came there around lunchtime and the sun was lighting the gorge nicely.
The gorge is about 700m long and partly more than 80m deep cut into the rock.

Finnuala and KS-HTK on their way into the Partnach Gorge

Lightbeam lightbeam
The water coming down from the mountains is quite a stunning turquise, it looks unreal.

The spray together with those lightbeams was painting lovely rainbows.

It was nicely cool in the gorge, and a refreshing spray of water cooled us further down. A joy for the dog, who with her coat was really suffering in the heat.

deep hollow
A picture can’t capture the depth of the gorge, I’m afraid, at the most parts we weren’t able to see the sky at all.

Path through the gorge.

We than returned to our car at the Olympiastadion, where we could watch a helicopter in front of those three different ski jumping ramps. It was busy airlifting building material to the top. Isn’t it great, how much easier it is nowadays?

olympia stadion
Helicopter at the Olympia stadion.

Building material Materialtransport
is being airlifted.

Next destination was Innsbruck, Austia.
The Golden Dachl is famous and a must visit. We were also lucky to see it shining brightly in the sunshine.
Goldenes Dachl
Golden Roof
Anna ColumnAnnasäule
This column is also a waymark. The mountains are very steep and quite close to the city. Makes for interesting vistas.

As we returned to the car, a really young man, no a boy, was writing down my licence plate number. Turned out, we had overdrawn the paid parking time by some eight or ten minutes.
My question, what I owe now got him all bothered, and as he hadn’t really started on my ticket yet, he let me go without a parking fine. Thank you. I’m really gratefull, even though I felt really old, he looked not much older than my daughter. I wonder if the city of Innsbruck is giving out summer jobs to pupils to write out parking tickets?