It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the places. Part 1
Visiting all major German cities in one day.

What do you do, when you have one short week, several European countries missing in your statistics and a full tank of Diesel?
Sure, off we go to find some caches in the South.
But first I had to visit a place, where my son really, really loved to go: Legoland.
A magic place, cause here you can visit all major German cities in a single day. All made out of Lego bricks, but one has to take a close look to see this, the buildings are so close to the original…

There is also a fun park with rollercoster rides and such, but I must say, I liked the little world best. It was amazing to see all those cities.
Most of the places I had visited before, so the recognition was easy. At some places we could even say: There is a cache hidden…

A day at the beach, nice and sunny.

Berlin, Reichstag. I’ve been there before…

Brandenburger Tor
Brandenburger Tor looks strange, when one seems to be a giant.

Financial metropolis Frankfurt/Main, with the old inner city and the modern skyscrapers.

The huge Allianz Arena near Munich is especially scary at night, when I pass it on the motorway. Last time I came past it at night, it was glowing in an eerie red, like some UFO.

The famous harbour of Hamburg, a ship is leaving the quai.

Just a few month ago, I have been there at the life size ‘Landungsbrücken’ in Hamburg. It was fun to be reminded of that occasion again.

As a child, my father took me to this famous castle: Neuschwanstein. Haven’t been there since, but I believe it is visited quite a lot.

Even some European cities and areas are rebuilt here…

The greenhouses of the Netherlands. Complete with flowers inside.

Now we are in the south in Venezia, gondoleros are slowly bringing their customers through the city.

Rialto Bridge
Rialto Bridge

While we had fun in the park, my dog spent the hot hours in a Legoland kennel in the shade and with a waterbowl. A great service of the park, it would have been way too hot for the dog to be left all day in the car.

A long, hot day was spent with looking at all sorts of Lego brick stuff, taking rides on the rollercoasters, browsing through the shops. Especially my children had a great time, but me too, I must admid.
When else can you say you’ve visited all big cities in Germany in a single day?