Northward bound Part 5:
Ships and a long trip home.

The last day of our Easter break was considerably shorter, as we had to drive home.
But before that we had a look at many, many ships.

Our place for the night was somewhere in the bog. Even though no houses were around some early morning walkers passed our van, just as we got ready for breakfast.
Some caches and waymarks shortened the way back to Bremerhaven, we saw the longest River Quai in the world, it is 1681m long.
Pitty though, we couldn’t find the cache there.

View towards the longest River Quai in the world

The Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven is full of all sorts of ships and boats.
For the kids there was the possibility to get a “license” to captain a modell ship. I had more fun looking at all the exibits, the history of whaling, or the family saga of Rickmer Rickmers.
I took some pictures, but then one of the museum guards spotted me and told me off.

Catamaran and others.

Dinghi. Must be fun to sail in one…

Well travelled Lady

The museum has quite a few ships in the harbour, and we could explore those.

Ropes of the rigging…

Some of the exibits

After visiting those ships, we started for our last waymark and another cache at the ferry.
Again I got proof, how valuable it is to go caching with children. They were climbing all over this industrial relict and managed to grab the cache, with the muggle close by none the wiser…

Children can find a cache so much easier.

Incoming ferry

The journey home was uneventfull. As we reached home, my kids went straight away to granny, to bring her the tea from Bremen and tell all about the tour.
Also to complain about their cruel mother, who gave them new mobil phones for easter. But oh so boring ones, no games, no gimmicks. Just plain mobile phones to call and send text messages with. Cruel of me, I know, but I recon those won’t be stolen…