Northward bound Part 1:
Goals, Grieve and Surprises

For a long time now, one of my caching goals was to find caches in all 16 German States.
In January I had made plans to visit Bremen, the last state missing to fullfill this goal. Also to meet grisu1702, who I wasn’t able to meet at the Wiesenevent.
But this winter we had a proper winter with lot’s of snow. On the weekend I had planned to go, it was snowing heavily, so I decided it would be saver and also saner to stay at home. A sensible decision one might think.

Well yes, it seemed that way. Easter was getting closer and it looked like I could manage to get some days off at work. My hopes were high, that at last I would be able to meet with grisu1702 at his event on Maundy Thursday.
The best laid plans will be for nought, when time is against you. It came as a great shock to me, to learn that he died quite suddenly a fortnight ago. Even though I never met him in person, I feel I knew him through mumble and our forum the

So it was kind of paying respect to him and his family, that his event went ahead as planned.
Some familiar names wanted to attend, so I was kind of looking forward to meet some of those I’m connected with via twitter and forum.

It is strange to attend an event where the owner isn’t around. But truth be told, he was very much present. In stories and memories.
As long we’re remembering, those who went aren’t really gone. They continue to live in our hearts and memories.
This I believe.



Even though the motorway was busy with holiday traffic, I managed to get to Bremen in good time, and even found some caches on the way.
And just as I tried to get names to all these strange faces, a familiar face with a huge grin walked towards me. I couldn’t believe it, Carsten, who doesn’t like events, had come over 100km to surprise me.
To say I was delighted is putting it mildly. He mentioned, he went past Cologne to pick up Tuennes. I didn’t pay too much attention to this statement, firstly Cologne is never ever on his way to Bremen but some 280km southwest, secondly it was April Fools’ Day. So I was even more stunned as Tuennes really came in sight between all those people.

Those two had great fun to see me speechless. Something I’m not very often, I might add….
This surprise was great und as all good surprises totally unexpected.
Thank you! You made my day!

After eating Carsten and I went on a cachehunt together with Jaenna we had met there.
We either were to stupid to calculate or to tired or both.
It was a short multi cache we were looking for, nothing too trying.
But our calculation was about 350m off. Unfortunately the hint fitted to this location and so we searched in vain.
After reading the listing again, the cache must be on puplic ground within the park (should have caught on that earlier…), we decided to go back to the park and check every conifer. Luckily there were only three places, so we managed to find this cache by brute force.
Well, at least I found a film canister. It even had a logbook.
Funnily all entries where from 2008. Only one found in 2009. What is this? Really the cache? It had online logs during last summer, last found in October. But only the October Log was in the paper logbook.
Very strange.

Back at the event, where the number cachers was somewhat smallish by now, we got confirmation from the locals, that we indeed found the right place. Maybe not the right box, though.

I usually stay with non alcoholic drinks, but that night someone must have put something in my coca cola, had I agreed to meet with Tuennes the next day in Hamburg, some 80km northeast.
But that’s a different story.