Ever tried waymarking?
So far I had ignored this variation of the hunt.

The Geoclub.de and the German blogosphere is abuzz with controverse discussion. Why?
Because some hiking association, the name totally unknown by most cachers so far, together with Garmin put out a papervision to the press about nature friendly geocaching.
Nothing new in that paper, really. They were just stating the obvious.

Nature should be not disturbed and caves and animals burrows should be left alone. Obviously…
Most of us cachers are already aware of these things and act accordingly.
Caches in caves are disabled during the winter, not to disturb hibernating bats.

What really annoys me, is the fact that with this paper they brought Geocaching into each and every province paper there is. (Must be a time for no news, the media picked this up like a sponge.)
It also cast a bad light on all cachers, cause it implies, we leave caches in caves and animal burrows, leave the path in Nature Reserves and just be the bad ones.

If it really was intended as a reminder to all cachers, they needn’t give it to the press. There are many other ways to publish it within the community.
With this unnessesary publicity now the officials got a look at those maps and realised there are caches hidden in their area and insist on the removal.

All those years noone even noticed the cachers, but the moment the hunters, forestry or groundowners know of the existence, and see some hidden within their juristiction, they claim those cachers are a nuisance.

In light of this developement I started to look into waymarking. So far I had ignored the link in my geocaching profile.
There are not many waymarks in my area, but a few are not too far away.

Waymarks are really like virtuals. For a few years now, it isn’t possible to list new virtual caches.
I like doing virtuals, not as a couch potato, that was never the intend. But as a form of showing a place, where it isn’t that easy to place a box.
Now, nearly everywhere a box can be placed. Maybe not directly at a monument, but then as an offset multi. Sure.
But those virtuals are also fun to do and waymarks are those virtuals. You could call it outsourcing…

It’s nice, that I can download the gpx file into GSAK. So now I have them on the O’Ryan (ah Orion aka Oregon) as well. Those in our area have as only requirement a photo. No email needs to be send, as it is the case with virtuals.

Logging the waymark visit was just like logging a cache. You leave some comments about the location and your visit and upload a picture of yourself at the location. Or your GPSr.

In the park, where this waymark was located, was also a multi cache, which I still hadn’t found.
So pixie07 and I went searching for that one and also went to the place of the waymark and took some pictures. This is something noone can spoil by restriction…

elli vorm schloß
Elli with dog in front of Rokoko castle Schloß Wilhelmsthal

I even managed a FTV – First To Visit…..