Mallorca Part 4
Sunshine and sea, what more could one ask from a holiday?

Even though my son would have loved to visit the huge Aquarium near our hotel, I’d rather spent the time outdoors to enjoy the lovely sunshine near the coast.
We took a drive to the rocky south east coast and found some stunning vistas.

One cache location was especially loved by my children. I, on the other hand, had a hard time. Well, as usual not because I was scared for my own safety, it’s always the kids who scare me.
We had to find a pathway down the cliff. It was a bit like in former times with the Gecko, the map of the O’Ryan didn’t show any path down the cliff.
Well, it turned out to be on private ground. I played the stupid tourist here and went down anyway. The steps were steep and uneven. And it went down. Oh my gosh, it went down.

At the top of the stairssteil nach unten
Well not really the top, but the first nice view to be had.

Down, down, down we go. The kids loved it and went all the way…

fast unten
On the way down, nearly there.

While I looked for the cache, my kids went further down. What for? We have to go up all the way again.
Ah, well, they’re down there, so I went as well to have a look.

Curiousity killed the cat, so they say. They were at the very end of the stairs, where the bannister ended.
Waves were crashing onto the rocks, the spray was fogging the air. And my kids at the bottom of the stairs…
My shreek “Come back” was obeyed very reluctantly. Suddenly some waves were more fierce than the others and they splashed the place we stood only seconds before… But so we could continue our outing with dry cloth, thankfully.
The way back up to the car was somehow much longer it seemed to me.

They were down there, now there is everything wet….

Windmill along the way.

We went on to a lighthouse. I just love lighthouses….
The Listing warned of car breaks but everything was quiet, so we chanced leaving the car unattended.
Well, there was nothing in the car, which was of interest to steal anyway.
The area was beautifull and we enjoyed the walk from the lighthouse along the cliff.

Cap Blanc

A walk along the cliff, with a mountain biker

The cache was trickily hidden, my son found it more by accident, he wasn’t searching, but playing with a stick, as he stumbled over the the mean hide. A micro in a hole, while just less than a meter away one could have placed a bucket.

We had a picnic of oranges and chocolate biscuits at the cache area and sat in the sunshine.
The area was so rocky, I imagined this must be a nice habitat for geckos, it’s a pity we didn’t spot some.

picnic area
The view from our picnic area

After our partly unhealthy meal we drove to Colònia Sant Jordi to search for a multi cache. The start lead us into the harbour area. Such fun to look at all the vessels. The hint was quickly found and we took a stroll along the coast walk to a lovely lighthouse. Yes, again a lighthouse…
We found the hint there, but then our luck left us and at the next station we had to give up. Still the sunshine was nice, and in winter we had the promenade to ourselfs. Only a few muggles about.

A badly damaged racing boat, I imagine. Or why would she need 4 outboarders?
Huge forkliftforklift
This must be the biggest forklift I ever saw. My son looks positivly tiny underneath.

Cute lighthouse at the promenade.

In the village they have salines. These count among the oldest salines in Spain. The Romans harvested their salt here as well.
My kids were not too happy about the salt being so “dirty”, but then, it needs to be refined.
Amazingly many birds can be seen at the salt lakes, apparently the brine shrimp draw them to the area.

Salt mountains look like snow

Rich wildlife at the salines.

Birds feeding on brine shrimp birds

We found an earthcache not too far away also with the theme salt. The salt refinery had a great vending machine. For €2 you could get 1kg Mallorcean Sea Salt.

Vending machine vending machine
We got ourselves the finest grade salt, as I don’t have a salt mill at home. Also I don’t see the purpose in those, a pepper mill makes sense, the freshly ground pepper tastes really different. But with salt it doesn’t make a difference in my eyes. Might be that the gourmets disagree, though.

We paid a visit to one of the oldest churchs on the island, Oratori Sant Blai.

I must say, I don’t like flatrates. Well, for myself I like them just fine, but for teenagers with mobile phones flatrates are really bad.
We arrived at the lovely old church, even did see the box behind it’s camouflage stone, but were unfortunately unable to retrieve it, as a teenager sat on her scooter within a few meters and chatting away on her mobile phone.
Aparently it is way to cheap to talk, she spent ages on the phone.

We had to stage a picnic on a wall beside the car. We even picked up some almonds and cracked the shells with stones. The almonds were nice and sweet, but a few were with maggots. Pity.

mandel Almond with resident maggot

I took a few pictures of the church and the windmills, but still the girl kept chatting with whomever she was on the phone with.
Nearly half an hour later the girl took off with her scooter and we could log at last.

Oratori Sant Blai

The bell turm

All over the lower parts of the islands the fields are irrigated with those waterpumps. Some are restaured lovingly, some just left to rott.

A typical sight on the island, water pumps, or Molino de Ferro