Mallorca Part 3
A drive through the mountains

After spending our first two days in the more level part of the island, we went into the mountains.
It’s amazing, how steep those mountains are, even if the altitude isn’t that high, it seems much higher.


The little Polo I had as a hired car had only a small engine. Took me some time to get used to that. But still it was able to get us around, so no complaining there. I’d rather have a weak engine than be dependent on public transport.
We took the road to Valldemossa, a mountain village with houses spread along the slopes.
The village is famous for Chopin and George Sand spent a few month here in the early 19th century. Nowaday tourists come to visit those lodgings.

On many houses we could find those lovely decorated tiles, depicting scenes out of the live of the Saint Catalina Thomás, who was born in Valldemossa.
At the gate of a Finca

tiles more tiles

kacheln noch mehr kacheln
Decorative tiles of the Saint Catalina Thomás

This house clearly had a different use in former times, but it was well maintained.

In a shop we found apart from all sorts of souvenirs these strange barrels. I wonder, if I was supposed to bring my own bottles to get some liquuor?

We took a walk along the mountian slope to find a cache hidden along a rocky trail. The Olive trees were still with leaves, they’re decidious. But due to their silver hued leaves, everything looks rather greyish. Strange for my eyes, but nevertheless interresting.

grey mountains
Silver mountains and low hanging clouds.

tree on road
Road or Olive? Why not have both?

The north west coast is rather rocky. To drive along the coast road offers stunning views of the sea. We stopped at one place to go for a cache at a hermitage. It was only 180m from the street, but pretty steep. There must have been a proper road to the hermitage, but my OpenStreetMap of Mallorca didn’t “know” about it. The walk through the forest was nice, though, even if it was excausting.

weg zur einsidelei
The less steep part of the trail.

picknick table
Close to the hermitage we found a lovely picnic area.

Almond flowermandel
Quite early in the season, but the first Almond flowers were open.

On our way to a cache at the Sóller mountain pass I missed the right turn and went by accident through the tunnel. I had to pay nearly €5 for this wrong turn, as it was a toll tunnel. But after leaving the tunnel and paying the toll, I took the turn up the mountain pass. The hairpins were fun, steep and tight and thankfully not much traffic. The view was stunning. At the highest point of the pass the altitude was only 497m, but it seemed really much higher.

o'ryan The track on O’Ryan….

View to the sea, if the weather would be nicer. The hairpins were fun, though.

Before we called it a day, we “solved” a mystery and found a great Addvertisement.
As a child my mother and grandmother took me to a visit near Malaga, cause one of our workers in the tree nursery came from there. I remember those bulls were often seen when driving in the countryside. Always on a hill, so the bull seemed to be at the horizon.
I’m glad, they still put up those adds, or don’t put them down, as the first signs were put up in 1956
It makes me feel being in Spain like nothing else.

Toro de Osborneosborne