Mallorca Part 2
A relaxed day in Palma

After such an adventurous day with cave explorations, we decided to have a relaxed day and take a look at Palma, the capital.
The downside of having a hired car is the search for a parking space, but I found an underground car park close to the impressive cathedral.

Cathedral La Seu

View over the promenade and park

Amazing detailed side portal torbogen

There was a cache close to the cathedral and we went there first. Some muggles were in the area, but only a few.
I went with my children straight to some telescopes, from which one could have a good view of the harbour.
While we stood there, admiring the view, I told Finnuala to bend down and look underneath the step of the telescope. She did and picked up the micro.
While the children were chatting I started to log and as I just had unrolled the log, a young man asked me, where it had been. Another cacher, who didn’t even spot my daughters retrieval…

To the dismay of my son, we then wanted to do some shopping. I wonder why boys don’t like browsing through shops, though. We went through Palmas narrow streets, enjoyed the architecture and little shops. And also found a small hidden garden.
Jardi el Bisbe must be the smallest arboretum ever.

Some Citrus varieties were there, oranges, grapefruit, lemons, tangerines. Noone seemed to pick them, there were lots of fruit fallen down. So we stole some tangerines. They were oh so sweet! As stolen fruit tend to be…

Goldfish pond with Bouganvillea

teich im garten
Another pond in the garden.

The garden seemed to be tend for, but still had a kind of forgotten feel about it. Even though some people were there, one man reading a paper in the shade of a bouganvillea. I really can’t explain, maybe it was because of winter. But the garden had a lovely secret flair about it.

The tiny streets behind the Cathedral

The balconies with the customary washing put out to dry are something really typical.
Not that I would like to live in an area like this. Every domestic, every childs crying, litterary ever fly buzzing is heard by anyone within 200m. And believe me, there are a lot of people within those 200m…

The Cathedral is huge, overviewing the smaller houses.

We walked through Palma, stopping now and then in front of a shop window, sometimes went inside, all those things tourists like to do…
Before heading back to the car, we went for another cache, and met again with the young man from before. He was in town by bus. Well, my parking fee was certainly lower than the bus fee for us three would have been.

Holiday feeling

In the early evening, the sun was still high enough at the sky, we walked the 1.5km along the beach to another interesting place. Well, of cause there was a cache. The starting planes from the near airport could be watched, as they took their way out to sea. They flew straight above our heads and the sight was a bit scary.
But we also found an area, where the locals seemed to have quarried the areas stones. The rocks left over were strange to look at.
My kids, adventurous as ever, had to climb all over the place. Much to my dismay. They really worry me sometimes. Especially then, when they laugh at my concerns…


On our way back to the hotel, we picked some shells and lovely round stones and seawashed glas shards. A great area for shell seekers. Our pockets were very satifyingly full on the way back to the hotel and the huge buffet…