Mallorca Part 1
First impressions and an amazing cave caching trip

During my holiday in Spanish sunshine (well for the first part anyway…) I managed to set several records.
First holiday with an event, longest distance between caches in one day (1444km), holiday with the least finds. That was mainly due to the weather, though.

We started out in heavy snow, so the roads were manageable, but it was slower as usual to the airport. I had set out early and made it in good time. Even found a cache in the airports parking lot with a good view on the airfield.

View of the snowy airfield

flugFirst impressions of green fields

The weather was warm and sunny in Mallorca, just what one would expect. So after picking up the hired car and finding the hotel we headed out to the beach. Just for some wet feet, though, it wasn’t that warm. After all, it’s winter in Spain as well…


Two Ladies fed the local cats, which were mostly very shy. But certainly well fed, though.
Finnuala liked the idea, that those strays have someone who feeds them. She would have loved to take them all home…
Some were too shy to eat calmly, they just wolfed down a few bites. One even took her piece of food a few meters off…

The feeding of the strays.

In the bathroom of the hotel, my daughter reenacted one of our favorite movies,
Crocodile Dundeebidet

On our first evening on the island, an event took place. Even though I was quite tired, and the kids even more, we took a drive of half an hour and visited the mainly German Caching community.
Mallorca isn’t referred to as the 17th state of the Federal Republic of Germany for nothing. Everyone in the shops and restaurants spoke German. Mostly even better German than English.
As I don’t understand a word of Spanish, this wasn’t that bad, though.

In the restaurant, where the event took place, there was some unexpected live music, which at times was a bit on the loud side. Still we were able to chatt nicely with the other cachers and also made arrangements to meet with a group the next day.

Sunday dawned sunny and mild. Perfect weather for a hike.
We stole some food of the buffet at the hotel, got some bottled water in a shop and off we went.
With three cars and 12 cachers we started out to explore some caves.
Well, I was a bit more interested in the caches, once we had logged, I would have gone on to the next one.
Not so with the group. They wanted to explore. Understandably.
The dripstone cave was certainly stunning. I had imagined it to be cool in those caves, but not so, it was mild and damp. Water was constantly dripping on us, it was like being out in the rain.
Well, it is a dripstone cave after all…

But the way was not without hazards, right and left of the path, there were deep holes. The path itself was slippery wet lime. So one lady of the group got ancious and I didn’t fancy the cave too much myself, so we both opted for the Sissi version and went outside.

What to do, while the others were down inside the cave?
Ah, well, the next cache is only 190m away, so let’s go search for that.

Huge halls opend inside

The ceiling, many of the stalactites were damaged, more’s the pitty.

On our way to the next cave entrance. The Karst doesn’t support many trees, mostly shrubs and some hardy plants were to be seen.

We did find it, logged and hid it again and then returned to the first cave entrance. We had just time for peeling an orange, as the rest of the group came from the cave.
They all wanted to find that cache as well, and also explore this cave.
A tree at the mouth of the cave served as a wardrobe, a funny sight…


Almond trees. Not yet flowering…

The next cache on our tour was again inside a cave. This time the mouth was facing the mediterranean sea, out of a cliff. To find access was tricky and the descent even trickier… For my taste the terrain stars could well have been a bit higher than the 3,5 the Cache sported.
Some sort of excavations had taken place here. Hopefully they’ll never stumble over the cache in there…

15m from the coordinates, but how to get down there to the cache?

dream bay
Next we found a lovely beach, a dream of white sand, cliffs, surf and turquoise water. It really does look inviting, but the picture doesn’t show, that it is way too cold to be out there swimming…

We followed the none existend path along the cliff, made our way through some shrubbery where at times we didn’t really find a path at all… But the view out to a stone arch was great.
It was here, that we actually met muggles for the first time since we set out on our hike. The water under the arch was unbelievably blue!

Further up, the cliff gave way to a huge white beach. This beach was inhabitated by some bohemians. As the next road is quite some distance, I wonder if they get their fresh water supply by boat? I know, which I’d prefer, though. Carrying water over long distances is no fun at all.

azure window
Like an Azure Window the arch opened into a very blue grotto.

We weren’t the only ones here. Some very shy natives showed up as well…goat

The tent of the bohemians

After finding another cache we were searching for the quickest way back to the cars in some 3km distance.
Back at the cars we still were not fed up and so we drove some distance to search for an earthcache and some traditionals.

One was at a lighthouse.
I always are drawn to lighthouses, even or maybe because being a landlubber, born and raised 400km from the closest body of salt water…
This one had a funny colour theme, the stripes were not horizontal but vertical.
Never had such a HUGE spoiler, either. The description was clear enough: Go 6 steps down the path, the hint even clearer: underneath your feet.
But then the visual was just a tad too much. I wonder, if muggles ever find this cache, cause they can’t really miss the signs: two red arrows pointed as to where to search for the box.

On our way over to the lighthouse

More spoiler is impossible

Found tracks of Yeti, he takes holidays on this lovely Spanish island as well!

Near the last cache for the day we got shown quite a spectacle: The strong winds of the last nights must have been to strong for this badly kept lady. She sat on the sand and rocks just opposite the harbour in a small bay. A band of youngsters were busily dismantling the havarist. Legal or not, we weren’t sure at all. Still we enjoyed their arguing and really not very efficient attempts to salvage the best parts of her.
The ancor was thrown out for some reason. She seemed to be quite severely stuck to my eyes. But then, landlubber, remember? What would I know.

Salvaging attempts on a storm victim

View from the cache to the harbour

Pitty the cache area was quite littered. Also pitty, the owner takes objection to mention this sad situation in the logs and even threatens to delete logs, who complain about the rubbish. As much I agree, that it is a beautifull spot and deserves a cache, when there is a dump within the vicinity of the cache and I have to search between bottles and crisp bags and other unmentionables, it is no fun and I feel I should be able to warn others of this situation.
Of course the owner didn’t dump the rubbish there, but still he should be able to relax and don’t be offended by truthfull logs.

My thanks goes to Qu Drivers, semi locals, who worked out the tour, wavebender, their son and his girlfriend for the company, c*n*s, p*a*s and p*n*s, whose letters and stars confused me no end. I still don’t know exactly who’s who… gmoosmann and his daughter Sonne98, who celebrated her 13th birthday on this day. Hopefully memorable with those cave visits.
sonne Birthday Girl Sonne98

Last but not least I thank my children for being on their best behaviour on this day. Maybe because there were others equally adventurous to explore the caves with and their Sissi mother could stay outside…. (and get at least four more grey hairs…. I tend to worry about my children, something they don’t really appreciate at all…)