TB Hotel or Travellers Jail? That’s the question!

What is a Hotel? Well, in most cases it’s a place with several rooms to let, where I can spend the night (or several).

Now, what is a TB Hotel? For me, that’s a cache big enough to put large(ish) TBs and Coins inside. Preferably well camouflaged and hidden from muggle eyes.

Unfortunately some TB hotel owners think it appropiate to place trading rules for travellers onto their TB hotels. Something like “There should be always three coins inside the cache”.
Well, in my opinion, if the cache owner wants his cache well stocked with travellers, he very well can put his own coins inside. Should my coin be in this cache, I’d rather have someone give it a lift, than leaving it inside this jail.

If I stay in a hotel, am I only allowed to check out, if I present a successor? No, of course not.
Why in heavens name should I trade a coin only for another coin? If I can bring it closer to it’s goal, I take a coin along. Even if I can’t get it closer to its destination. The intention of travellers is just that: Travelling. This is not a trade-item. It’s a mystery for me, why some cache owner seem to think differently.

So please, if you see in a cache description, that an owner is placing such ridiculus trade terms for travellers, please post a note to let them be aware, that those coins and TBs are not their property and therefor it’s not up to them to stipulate the trading of those.

There is nothing more upsetting than to get a discover log from someone, who tells you: “Sorry, we didn’t have a coin with us, so we left this one behind.”

I for one, I’d rather have my coins hibernating in someones caching bag, than have them in a cache, which is more or less frequently found. Please take travellers along and don’t leave them rotting in jail.

It is up to all of us, to let cache owners know, that most travellers belong not to them, so they should take those additional logging requirements out of their cachelistings.

You might think, what is she on about? But I have heard of owners, who actually delete found logs, just because the cacher didn’t follow those trading rules. Now, who has more rights here? The cache owner, who mistakenly thinks his cache with loads of travellers to be more attractive or the cacher, who helps a coin on it’s way towards it’s goal?