Burgentour Part 2

The accomodation for the night, Froensbourg, was something really special! An old ruin of a fortification. Built onto one of the many sandstone outcrops, the area is littered with.
We chose the best floor for the night, penthouse so to speak: Niveau superieur.

Our accomodation for the night.

Unfortunately two long flights of steps lead up there, the first a sturdy wooden stair, the second a metal one. Nyssa found it scary, that she could see the nothing between the steps, I had to force her and keep her at a very short lead, as the stair wasn’t close to the wall, so she might have fallen, if she tried to get to the wall. Every step of the way, she poked her nose between those step, ogling the far away ground, poor dog. And now try to tell a dog, don’t look down. Impossible.
Luckily the way down next morning was fine, she couldn’t see through the steps.

Stairs treppe

The food was extremely tasty after a 19.9km walk, we had first a moose hotpot and then mousse au chocolate. Thanks to Globetrotter.de, who sold us those dehydrated adventure foods. Just add water and you’ll have a tasty meal.

The cooker boiling the water to prepare our moose hotpot.

Mousse au chocolat mouse
Is there anything more uplifting than death by chocolate?

müder hund
Well deserved break for the night after a 20km hike

The night was clear, no clouds obscured the view of the stars. And a full moon was nearly too bright. There is a nightcache in the area, but we were unwilling to move from our vantage point and just crawled into the sleeping bags and chatted for a while.  Zwergbaum and I even saw a meteor, the time of the perseids is over by now, isn’t it?
It was lovely to lay in our bedrolls and enjoy the view to the moon and stars. Who never slept out in the open, should certainly give it a try.

Shots and barking dogs in the distance told their own story, it is hunting season! At a full moon it isn’t advisable to walk after nightfall during the forest.

Sunrise over Froensburg

View from the “kitchen” into the “bedroom”

View onto the “Souterrain”, the lower level of the castle

The first coffee of the day for jmsanta and Zwergbaum, tea for me (Lady Grey, one variety I’d drink without milk), while we watched the sunrise over the wooded mountains. The promise of another glorious day and another few castles on our way.
Nyssa was nosy and tried to drink my tea, but got a burned tongue in turn, my tea was way to hot for her.

Bored while waiting for us to find a stage.

Heather and pines

The way lead us through thick forest but luckily the way was nearly level. That’s about the only thing I like in the mountains.
I really don’t know, why I always climb up hills or mountains. I don’t like them, but somehow I always end up doing caches there. Must be a strange psychological phenomenon.
Jmsanta claimed these were not mountains, but hills. But the females of our group, the majority, couldn’t at all agree with this point of view.

steep hills
Lovely level path along a steep mountainside

The official hikingtrail

Even though it doesn’t show on the pictures, we had a steep incline on one side and a very steep decline on the other side of the path. You wouldn’t want to miss a step.

Strange Sandstoneformations

One of the reasons, why it’s a good idea to put any markings on non growing objects…

We found another traditional close to this strange sandstone formation. These washed out rocks are quite common in the area. But they never ceased to amaze me.

Good thing Nyssa was on the lead…

along the trail
The track wasn’t always easy to walk, but that was part of the charm.

Castle Wasigenstein turned out to be a tourist attraction.
Well, with our backpacks and dog also with a backpack we turned into a tourist attraction as well…
One thing’s for sure: Put a backpack on your dog, and you’ll never meet strangers without having a conversation….

wasigenstein treppe wasigenstein

Steep stairs treppe von jmsanta
Great masonary workmanship, photo courtesy of jmsanta

Signs on a treeschilderwald

blumensteinClose to the last stage,
Castle Blumenstein

After finding a huge box, and I mean HUGE, we realised, that the closest of the cars was still some 5km away. Well, not too bad, but Zwergbaum had foot trouble, so we found a nice spot in the sun and close to the road for her to rest. Jmsanta, Nyssa and I went on to the car. Zigzag up a mountain, with dead pines every now and then blocking the passage. Tiring, annoying, steep uphill. Then up there a way, which seemed to lead us on a huge detour to reach the car.

Well, couldn’t we just go downhill through the forest? Yes of course we could. We more or less slid down in the sand on a wildlife track.
We managed to come as close as 200m to the car, but unfortunately there was no bridge over the river, so we had to make a detour of 1.6km to get to the car at last.
Should I ever feel the need to walk this tour again, I certainly would park in the village. The way is much easier then.

Elli and Nyssa, photo courtesy of jmsanta

So, what did I learn at this weekend?
1. my dog has no trouble at all to carry a backpack with about 2kg weight.
2. my backpack is too small, I need a bigger one.
3. a summer down sleeping bag might be lightweight and compressed to a small package, but certainly not warm enough for autumn nights, even gloriously dry ones.
4. a second car with water supply and overnight gear is certainly a brilliant idea to not tire too much.
5. to like those, who are hiking with you is the single most important essential to make the journey a success.
With us three, the chemistry was just right and we had lot’s of fun, were annoyed about the same things and generally had a great time.
6. roughly 40km at two days are not too much for me, I never even came close to being fed up. So now I can start searching for a greater challenge.

What else is left to say?

Thank you.
Thank you to JEVER, who made this cache possible and to Timbre.poste for addopting and maintaining it.
Thank you also to jmsanta and Zwergbaum for offering me to come along and also bringing their cooker.
Special thanks to Globetrotter.de for fitting us with the right gear and most important the dehydrated, but nevertheless tasty food. Without this, our overnight stay would have been less enjoyable.
Also I want to thank the power, who supplied the wonderfull weather, just perfect for a hike in these mountains with its stunning sandstone formations.

We certainly had fun and took some great memories back home.