We’re meeting at the meadow.

In our Green Forum, the geoclub.de, we have an off topic area, which is called the “Cafe zur Wiese” Café at the meadow.
As anyone knows, the off topic area is the part where the most fun can be had.
On Saturday, 19.09.2009, I went with a loaded car to this quiet village, where in a short time lots of cachers from all over Germany would be arriving.

Unfortunately the owner, whose brainchild this event was, got sick the week leading to it.
All the best from here as well, grisu1702.
To rubb it in: It was great. I had fun seeing all those faces to the nicks only known from the forum.

By arrival around lunchtime I got a fright, as there were six campers with retirees, who should have left in the morning. But due to the lovely weather they stayed on.
At least the fireplace was accessible for us. And the left over lawn was more than enough for us.

logbuchEverything is ready, come sign the logbook.

KS-HTK and I got ready with tables for the ‘Everyone-brings-something-to-eat’ buffet, and with the small table for the logbook and also a prominent place for the blackboard with the question:
How many micros are in this net?
Nearly everyone took a guess.


I had a trailer full of straw and we hid 10 micros in there.
As jmsanta pointed out: ‘Hay is instant meadow’, but I didn’t want to sacrifice the hay, that’s food for the rabbits. But with straw they’re less fussy.

After putting up the tarp I had the chance to sit down, enjoy the sun and watch the elderly campers.
Interesting, to say the least. Funny not in the sense of haha but more as in peculiar.
One couple sat under the awning and knitted. He as well as she.
One man slept in a deckchair with a book on his tummy. Another couple sat at the table and pitted plums.
I wonder, what they would do with them in the camper, though. Preserving them in jars for the winter?

I, for one, enjoy a more active holiday. But then, if I want to laze around in the sun, I just sit in the garden. I’m a spoilt person. I also think, that the most perfect place to read a book is in my waterbed. Ah well, there are all kinds of it, aren’t there?

Everything is prepared, the Meadow is ready for the onslaught.

Those, who planned to stay the night, had quickly pitched their tents. And slowly but surely more and more dayvisitors arrived.
As some pointed out, my coordinates were about 20m off. Ah, well, there was the retirement brigade…

The tables for food got filled quickly and as usual, there was way to much food.
Homemade cakes and bread, fruit, vegetables, cheese, potato salad, coleslaw, sausages and other meat. There was something for everyone.

jmsanta cutting his sourdough bread

The kids enjoyed roasting marshmallows at the open fire. All were milling around and it was great to see, no hear so many conversations.
Team Magic Blue had brought her pathtags collection and I enjoyed browsing through them. We also traded, it’s nice to meet taggers face to face…

The youngest visitor lütte

Throwing the rings over the dwarfs proved to be difficult.

Rumor has it, that there is no picture of coolbahia not eating. I’m proud to announce, that I was able to get three pictures of him with no food around. Just to proof those rumors as a blatand defamation.

eisbär 1
Chatting in the shade of the tree.

Talking caches, the favourite pastime. Well, apart from eating…

Definetely no food around coolbahia, I just don’t know, whos spreading those rumors…

Unfortunately the straw was very dusty. But only with those enthusiastic searchers, who threw themselfes with full body contact into the straw to search for the needle in the haystack. Sorry, the micros in the straw.
Most were quite gray by leaving my trailer, but to judge from their happy faces, they seemed to have enjoyed themselfes.

Searching for the needle in a haystack. No, a micro in the straw.

Those white dots are dustparticels… It was very dusty indeed.

Even though it was her birthday that day, Bastelkarte got rid of her guests early or brought them along to the event. That’s dedication! Or crazyness? No, dedication, definitely!

First price for getting the nearly correct number of micros in the net went to Zwergbaum, who was just one micro off with her claim of 237 micros. There were 236. Unfortunately I had forgotten to pack the magnets, otherwise the village of Frielendorf would now have some lovely new Tradionals. It can certainly do with some more caches, that’s for sure.

For me well known through geoclub.de and mumble is Carsten. He had planned to log his 1000th find at our Event. And as it is something of a tradition in our area, that you get a special cache for that occassion, I had threatened him with a difficult mystery. D5 at least.
Unknown by me, jmsanta planned as well to log the event as his 1000th find.
Congratulations to both of you!
Carsten offered to take him along, when searching for both their 1k+1. They figured the solution of the mystery and then went off to find the multi.

Sitting around a fire is so relaxing.

Later that night, most of the dayvisitors went home. Left sitting around the fire stayed the hard core regulars of the meadow and chatted about what? Well, caches of course. Caching adventures far and near. I guess, those stories never dry up.
The youngster in our midst, Dark Elf, still a teenager, was listening quite enviously to our tales from lands afar. But we asured him, in years to come, he’ll surely have the chance to see a bit more of the world as well.

Fires are magical. Aren’t they?

While we were sitting around the fire and chatting away, one of the retirees payed us a visit. At first I was afraid, he might want to ask us to be quiter. But he probably was just curious, the offer of a barbecued sausage he declined. Pitty, we had so many left overs.
Thanks to coolbahia, who actually went and got some more. I didn’t know then, that so little would be eaten.

In the early hours of Sunday, around half past one, most of the firewood had turned to cinders, the stars shone brighter every minute and strangly they got more. Now, don’t get any funny ideas, I was on coke the whole evening, not that someone want’s to claim differently.
As it got kind of damp and cold, we went to search for our designated bed for the night and crawled into the sleeping bags.



Early next morning I took the dogs for a walk through the neighboring fields, and started on the tidy up.
After a lengthly breakfast with jmsanta, Zwergbaum, Moorteufel, Dark Elf and my son, we slowly took down the tents and tarp and got ready to leave. But we were slow, I must admit, cause we still had lot’s to talk about. And plans to make, I sincerely hope our plans will come to fruit, I’m so looking forward to a challenge and certain adventure.

Saying good bye at the camping ground wasn’t an option, so we chose some caches in the area to find, before we all headed home.

The wife of the camping ground owner was really cute. As I paid the bill she inquired what we did with the straw. Sleeping in it?
Well, I would have left anyone who wanted to do this, but I explained in short about geocaching. She had heard about this. And also got her explaination, why noone asked were the group was meeting. They all looked at their devices and headed in the right direction, she had wondered.
Well, who would ask for the way, when they know the way to the coordinates?