Out catching a glimpse of Nessie – Part 1

On the road again! We’re on the road again!
Kassel to Amsterdam/IJmuiden

What does one do, when there’s only little time, but the dreams lead far away? Well, one tries to push as much into one week as possible. So we packed Dolly, as my VW T5 is lovingly called, and went to discover new areas.
What better way to discover those than caching? None!

Weeks beforehand I got myself several pocket queries with all the necessary information on caches on the way. GSAK is a great help there. I fed the pocket queries in there and had three databases. (Only because I still don’t know how to filter properly! Shame on me!)
One for the way between Kassel and Amsterdam, one for the area between Newcastle and Edinburgh, one for north of Edinburgh till Loch Ness. Together with my new O’Ryan, (ah Orion, also known as Oregon) this system worked brilliant.
Where ever we were, I just had to check the O’Ryan and he would show me, where the nearest caches were, along with description, hint and five logs. What more can one want.
Gone the times, where I meticulously checked the CacheWolf for the descriptions, whether it sounds suitable for my abilities and the children as well… Less time preparing, more time out caching. The evenings spent logging offline with field notes. Absolutely brilliant.
I don’t want to miss it anymore!!! And only once (no, twice, but it was in the same area…) I was ready to tear my hair out, cause O’Ryan was acting very strangely indeed.
O’Ryans new resting place on the dash…

Friday I worked till lunch, then got everything ready at home and off we went. There was no hurry, the ferry didn’t leave IJmuiden until Saturday afternoon. So we searched some caches along the way, and headed west towards Eindhoven.
History lesson and dinner: ess
At our first Dutch cache, which incidentally was placed along the same napoleonian canal, we found also the local pub for crows. They were at least as noisy as humans in a pub, I must say…

The local crow pub?

In Eindhoven we had an invitation for breakfast at Geo.Error and his family Corina and Bert. Another coin enthusiast, (no, we’re NOT addicted! LOL) I „met“ on the coinmatters.com forum. Isn’t it brilliant, to put a face to the name, after such a long time writing postings in the forum and sending letters (and coins)?

It was a special day, not only we got a breakfast fit for a king with all sorts of specialities. But Finnuala celebrated her 14th birthday. To sweeten her absence from home and her friends, she got a long time wish granted, a digital camera. With great enthusiasm she took pictures right, left and centre.

After breakfast we went on a treasure hunt with Geo.Error. A still in the building stages park was our objective. Bert very kindly had printed out the wonderfully imaginative scrolls we needed in order to find the treasure.
A magical place for sure, the stages needed a bit of imagination to be solved, but that we had in abundance.

Waterlilies in bloom with ducks

Even though it is not all landscaped yet, the park shows huge potential to become a favourite spot in town. The walk to find all the clues of the magical world was enjoyable, the stations show the great imagination of the owners and it was great fun to try to find the right clue for the right waypoint. It also helped a lot, that the description was translated into English! Thanks for this.

I’m also glad to report, that we seem to be believers, as we managed to find the kings treasure! After finding the pirates ship, where some very unimaginative people have chopped some trees. Checking on the Water Nymph, where we also found some lovely pink and white sea lilies. The witches ring was huge, but KS-HTK and Finnuala managed to get the required information. Unfortunately the cows were not around, but still we were able to get what we sought. The whole tour was lovely and made even more fun with Geo.Error! Thanks for searching with us!

er Geo.Error

The hours flew, as they tend to do, when you’re having fun. After a spontaneous lunch at Geo.Error’s we had to hurry to catch the ferry. For some strange reason, O’Ryan led us not on the motorway, but on secondary roads towards the ferry port. Not that I don’t like those, you’ll see much more of the area that way. But not when the scheduled departure is putting a kind of pressure on me! We weren’t the last to get in line, but it was a close call, something I don’t like at all!
The overnight ferry is something I really enjoy, either to Ireland, or now to North England. You board the ship, sail in the late afternoon, stroll around the ship, eat something, get into your cabin, sleep the night. And next morning you get a full breakfast and arrive at your holiday destination.
What better way is there? boarding winkenThe Quai at IJmuiden