Since June I have my new O’Ryan, (ah, Orion, also known as Oregon), and I must say, this was definetely a good investment. The difference to my trusty little Gecko (Geko 201) is huge!

Most noticeable: I have a topo map now! Gosh, do I get spoilt and lazy! It’s especially nice to let O’Ryan tell me which way to drive. After years of a pointing arrow, this is a pleasant change. One can get used to this so easily…
Maybe I can it even appreciate more, as the 76Csx of pixie07 can’t route…

Another nice feature apart from being paperless now, is this pretty new feature of Wherigo.
I followed the discussions, as this feature first was developed.
It’s a pitty, Groundspeak isn’t investing in this part of the game, cause it is so versatile and so much fun.
At least we had it last weekend.

Hustelinchen gave her brandnew RV a first outing and came to Kassel.
We both had never searched for a Wherigo, as we didn’t have the equipment. But not so anymore. O’Ryan is very versatile.

So I got the coordinates of a Cache closeby, downloaded the cartridge and off we went with 3 dogs to rescue the princess out of the hands of the dark knight.
It was really fun, the route took us along a small rockstrewn track uphill. Every now and then we got to take a break to “collect” some herbs together with the witch.
At two stations we had to find real things, and enter a code to verify, that we did find them. But mostly we were collecting virtual things.

The storyline was fun, also the chosen route through the wood.
At some places one could really believe in gnomes and fairies…


Who was here? pyramide

The lake to pick the required water.

The dogs were thirsty…

Dogsplay on the gnomes meadow

Herkules still in scaffoldings: herk

Löwenburg burg
This castle was build as a ruin as an adventure playground for the Duke.

turm Is it this tower? Or this?

In the end we managed to free the princess, but seeing that she was constantly hungry, we gladly delivered her to her father the king….

Yes, we found a big box at an unusual place and got our first Wherigo icon!!!




My special thanks go to Schnueffler, Carsten and Marcel123 for the huge help with GSAK, without you I would still be wondering how to get everything working! Thank you!
Especially to Schnueffler, who in a moment of carelessness gave me his phonenumber….
But now I’m very happy how easy it is to work with GSAK!!!