After over two years of caching, I got myself a new GPSr. An Oregon.

But I wanted to break it in at a special occassion. So what better, than start using it at my 1k milestone.

Up till now, I wrote all the necessary information into a small notebook and fed the coordinates into the Gecko by hand. Now I have to learn how to master the GSAK in order to get my pocketqueries fed into the Oregon. Now, being nearly computer illiterate and an autodidact, this will be quite challenging!

Friends placed a cache for me. Not a mystery, as I hate those, I’m hopeless solving difficult puzzles.  As one of my all time favourite movies is Convoy, wolf4 and pixie07 used this background to built a lovely multi stage cache for me. Not too difficult to walk, if one stays on the ways. But as my new Oregon is not sporting a Topo yet, I followed the arrow, familiar from my Gecko. And when the arrow points up through the forest, well, then I go up that hill.

But I have to admid, it wasn’t as steep as it could be in these hilly parts around here.

Waldschrat Fin+KS

Fairy or Troll? . . . . Finnuala and KS-HTK

Some great views opened up unexpectedly. We could see all sorts of familiar landmarks, Herkules throning over the city of Kassel, Dörnberg, the observatory in Rothwesten, the church steeple of Landwehrhagen.




blick auf herkules

View to the scaffolded Herkules

For you, all those landmarks might mean nothing, but when you grew up in the area, they are all more or less familiar. And it is very surprising, to be able to see them from that not really high ridge, but open fields offered a great view.


Short break

This multi lead us through fields and forests, along two tiny ponds with tadpoles. Those poor tadpoles were in mortal peril with our two thirsty dogs. Cause they were drinking and didn’t mind the odd fleshy bit coming along with the needed refreshment.


The dangerous life of a tadpole…

Water lilies and Iris were flowering, Lupines and Camomile, Foxgloves and Giant Hogweed, everywhere there are signs of June!

lupine Lupines and Giant Hogweed


The stages contained not only the information for the next stage but also some pictures of the main characters of the movie Convoy. So there was Lovemachine, SpiderMike and the Bear. And also Rubber Duck himself.
Well known characters gestal

At one stage I found a transformed version of Rubber Duck, it was really funny to find that hidden under a boulder.

So far it was an enjoyable walk. But then my nightmare, the PROJECTION. For a bonus cache pixie07 and wolf4 had left some information on the last page of the logbook, with the coordinates of a mystery cache.

Well, it turned out, that even with the improved abilities of Oregon I’m still unable to project. I just can’t project, Gecko can only do it in 100m steps. But Oregon should be able to project exactly.

First we went to those projected coordinates. But there was forest with no distinctive features, and the groundcover wasn’t damaged at all, no pathways. So after a while of searching I gave in and called pixie. Turned out, he had the wrong degrees written into the logbook. 700m not in the direction of the parking area should have given me a hint, that this might not be the right way.

wald Forest, but no cache to be found

After finding a different way back to the final of 1k, I changed the entry on the last page of the logbook and tried again to find this mystery. In the meantime, my children got tired and hungry, as I underestimated the time it would take us to walk the 2.5km. So no sustenance on hand. But the promise of some cookies in the car…

Usually a bonus is something small, a micro of sorts. But here I was pleasantly surprised! A HUGE box waited for me. But before I found it, I had to call my telephone joker a second time. Turned out, I had a wrong projection again. Did I already mention, that I can’t project? I can’t project! Even with the great new technology of the Oregon! The problem is not the hardware, but the user, as usual…

rubber duckRubber Duck

I’ve left two fitting pathtags in the cache:

Those are for the next finders to keep or to move on, they are not travellers, but swag.

My Rubber Duck, which is the hood ornament, and also my Squirrel tag: rubducsquirr