A lovely coin, (no, two coins actually), arrived in my mailbox today. Not totally unexpected, but very special and rare for now. Cause this is a coin not yet for sale.

Our Green Forum, the Geoclub.de, will celebrate its 6th anniversary this year. Last year a coin came out which had the shape of our old currency, a 5DM coin. So now how to implement the 6?

Moenk, who is beside other activities, the owner of Geoclub.de, had piqued my curiousity by remarking about the sexy curves.

Well, I must say, the 6 is greatly prominent in this design.

I got the Glamour Edition in polished gold with black and rainbow white glitter, very sparkly.


The coin is a great representation of our Green Forum.

It shows the symbol of Yin Yang. There is a saying: Opposites attract. Well, a forum can only prosper, if there is discussion. So one needs some healthy opposition in order to have a discussion. Otherwise it will just be boring.

Also it has a sharp tip, some members have a sharp tipped tongue and don’t have any qualms to voice their opinions… Something I greatly appreciate, as I often enjoy a controversy.

There are three tiny magnets, which keep both sides together. Our Geoclub also seems to have a secret magnetism, which keeps us regularly glued to the keyboards. At least I am checking the postings quite often.
The dark half of the coin also might stand for the serious side of questions and answers found in the forum, the light then representing the fun and games, which can also be found there.

So this design is a stroke of genius, implementing so many great symbols to represent our Green Forum.

The coin comes in two parts with two tracking numbers. Great possibilities for goals come to mind. How about setting them free in the wild in two opposite areas, like far in the north and south and give them the goal to reunite at some stage… Another great idea would be as a wedding or engagement present, as the dark and light side can be individually tracked.

y3 y4

They will be available on 6.6.09 at the Pink Geocoinshop of Sepp and Berta.

Jubilee Edition: polished silver, black and white, 270 (135 pairs)

Glitter Edition: polished silver, glitter anthracite and glitter white, 198 (99 pairs)

Glamour Edition: polished gold, glitter black and rainbow white, 132 (66 pairs)

Late Night Edition: polished silver, black and glow in the dark, 66 (33 pairs)

My thanks goes to moenk for getting another anniversary coin produced and letting me have a preview of it and to Sepp and Berta for yet another brilliant design!