As I arrived at the Castle Man Event, someone greeted me, as if he knew me. Well, it turned out he did. It was Schnueffler, who I meet regularly at the Mumble Talk.
Mumble Talk is a wonderful invention, everyone can join, if they have a headset with speakers and microphone for their computer. Every night cachers from all over Germany meet on the mumble server and talk with each other.

My children and I were invited by Schnueffler and his fiancée for breakfast at his place for Saturday morning. So after the event we gave him a lift home and then found a very nice spot to park for the night at the parking lot of a tennis club. I just love the independence my sleeping bag in my car gives me.
The rain, which had started Friday morning, didn’t stop at all. So after breakfast, we searched for something child-friendly to do, preferable indoors.
Schnueffler suggested Reptilium, a zoo with mostly reptiles, huge spiders, snakes, turtles and iguanas. What a wonderful choice it turned out to be!

On the way there, we found some caches, of course.
One was a impressive war memorial, where no muggles were around, due to the bad weather.
denkmal kreuz
For another one we searched quite a while. A 1/1 Micro at a small bridge shouldn’t be to difficult to find. But we added at least 2 stars in the terrain during our search. Well, the stream was muddy, underneath the bridge we found places for huge ammo cans, but what did we find? A film canister… Covered in mud, so I had to wash it in the stream and getting my shoes wet, before opening it. Otherwise the logbook would have gotten really dirty. After that, we found an as Regular registered box, which turned out to be a Small. But the wrong measurements seems to be a local curiosity.
There was a sign for the Pater-Albizuri-Stadion, but not a stadion but an ordinary meadow with two goals was to be found. They had huge frogs at the fountain in that village too. Come to think of it, even the name of the village was that of an much bigger City near Frankfurt: Offenbach. So it must be some problem those locals are having…
To have misconceptions about the size can be treated, can’t it?
stadionWhere is the stadion?
After this short trip through the rain, we went to the zoo.

There we had the loveliest time ever! Every hour something different was shown by the keepers. Just after we arrived, some huge spiders were shown. We even could let them walk over our hands. These were really scary, and I can’t recommend this show for anyone with an arachnophobia…

Spider on mespider
Schnueffler, Sister T and KS-HTK

That show was barely over, as the feeding of the iguanas started. But there were just too many people standing in front of the one terrarium, so I just had a look at all the other animals there.

Just as we were ready to leave, one of the zoo keepers came along with a snake round his neck. I asked him, how heavy it was, and spontaniously he took it off and held it out for me to hold. Schnueffler took a picture of me with the snake.
Elli with snakeElli mit Schlange

After that, we decided to stay on and listen to the snake demonstration. Those boas only get fed once a month. They get live guinea-pigs and rats to hunt. We all then got the chance to touch a snake and even have a picture taken with a snake round our neck. An opportunity we just didn’t want to miss. Especially as those pictures were for free. Every other tourist attraction would charge an arm and a leg for these pictures…

how many
How many snakes do you count?
babiesBabies to be born


I can greatly recommend the Reptilium in Landau, just a short drive from Karlsruhe.
The prices were moderate, especially when we consider, what we got in return…

On our way back to Karlsruhe we did an Earthcache and a shopping cache with a difference. A multicache lead us once round the parking lot of this huge shopping mall. It is a challenge to search for boxes at signs, when loads of muggles frequent the parking lot.

nebelSunshine at last…
Sunday morning the rain had stopped at last. We had a short stop at a TB Hotel whose coordinates I found on the GPSr, I must have had them saved some 18 month ago. Around half past nine we met struwwelchen in Heidelberg for breakfast, she is godmother to my son and as usual we had lot’s to talk about.

She took us to a nice cafè in Leimen, where Finnuala ordered a huge pancake:


On our way back to Heidelberg, struwwelchen showed us the location of this amazing T5 cache.
She did a video of the FTF.

After finding a nicely camouflaged cache at a very strange looking church,
we headed back on the motorway.
I had made arrangements to meet with doc256 at a motorway cache, as he had lost his Fenix flashlight at the Event on Friday night. I had picked it up, and on my way back home I passed Darmstadt, close to where he lives. A good flashlight isn’t something you’d like to leave behind, especially a Fenix. Those are the upper class if you like.

We had great timing, we had just signed the log for the motorway cache, as he came onto the rest area…
A short chat and back on the way back home.
Where I realised, that my internet connection isn’t working and in order to log my caches, I spent the evening in the greenhouse of the nursery to use my brothers WLAN… Seems to be something serious, on Monday night I’m still without internet access and a technician has to come and have a look… (grumble)…