Karlsruhe, Friday 17.4.09:

For admitting coin addicts a well known name is Castle Man. Now he’s traveling through Germany, England, Scotland and Sweden. I got to know of his plans through the Pathtags Forum, as he had run a design contest for a pathtag to spread at his trip.


Now, how to get hold of one of those precious pathtags, as he’s not trading? Well, I’d either have to find a cache he visited or meet him in person at an event. Both very unlikely, as he would be mostly in the South of Germany.
But then the Castle Man Event in Karlsruhe came up. And as my easter holiday was cut short by my employer, who happens to be my mother, I took the liberty of the family owned slave and took Friday afternoon and Saturday off.

My visit in the area was well worth the wrath!

After three and a half hours drive, I arrived at the event location. A brewery cellar, where they brew their own beer. But I was sent off, as I was an hour early.
On the way I missed the exit for the only motorway cache I wanted to search at the drive. Silly me.

I met with Wutzebear and doc256 at the entrance door and we took the remaining hour and did a very short tour through Karlsruhe.
Sonnenfächer was the one we found, a second one was disabled earlier, but we didn’t know this. So we searched unsuccessfully.

Sonnenfächer Brunnen
The old main post building of Karlsruhe.

Back at the brewery, lots of cachers had arrived, also Castle Man and the organisers, Matlock75 and Mambomania. I have rarely seen so many coins, it was like heaven. Lots of people had brought their trade coins with them, so it was really a coin convention.

cellar coin addicts
The cellar and coin addicts…

Everyone got to sign a T-Shirt and got a Castle Man pathtag! But he was not the only tagger that night there, I also got struwwelchens new Heidelberg tag and one of Panisa. It was great to meet so many people where I only know the names from the Geoclub.de. It is always nice to put some faces to the nicknames…

Jim meeting the kids

Castle Man was very patient to answer the same questions over and over again. Where have you been yet, and where will you go?
He seemed to enjoy himself, as he said, it is all about the people! I can relate to that, my stay in Karlsruhe was all about the people also!

One of the highlights of the event was a tombola for Hanna’s charity. Lots of coins and other stuff got donated. I was lucky enough to get some more of Castle Mans pathtags. I do care for coins, but the pathtags are for me getting the bigger attraction, I have to admit. Some really rare coins were on display, I had never even seen a picture of some of them. So thanks for sharing and letting us discover those treasures.

tombola Tombola Coins and Pins

All these mingling cachers, trying to chat to everyone, drove the waiters nuts. They had the system to bill by table, but no-one stayed at one table for the evening! But even my attempt to talk to lots of people was hopeless, there were just too many people…
The food was great, the company even better, and I traded for some really nice coins, so all in all a wonderful event, which I’m glad managed to attend.