Berlin Part 3: Detours and famous places

One of my caching goals is to find caches in all 16 states of Germany. Living in the centre with three other states within a short distance, it hasn’t been to hard fo fill parts of the map. But sadly the northeast had been undiscovered by me, yet.

Before: voherAfter:map

My trip to Berlin changed this map. North of Berlin is Mecklenburg Vorpommern just a short drive away. So on Saturday afternoon we hit the motorway and drove an hour to cross the border. The Müritz area is famous for it’s lakes, and we found some really nice spots there.

My favourite was a castle ruin, surrounded by water. By the time we reached there, dusk was falling and the bats came out to show off their very quick flying manouvers. The causeway was flooded, and we took it in a run. We were under the false believe, that when you run, your feet won’t get so wet.

With the right hiking boots no problem. But the right hiking boots I had left in the car… Never mind, a shoepolish brush is standart equipment in my car as well, and the mud consisted mostly of sand, it could easily be brushed off.

in der ferne Burg
The ruin in dusk and flooded causeway

After our short visit to fulfill an obsession of mine and colouring the map a bit further, we went back to Berlin.

Innercity caches are best searched for at night. Less muggles, free parking, less traffic. And all the famous landmarks are well lit, so one can’t really miss them.

I drove to Igor’s Kanone, a russian war memorial to all the fallen sowjet soldiers of WWII. Found a parking spot very close and the cache was easily felt, if not spotted. The challenge for me was more a missing tripod for getting focused pictures.  But then in the digital age, I can take several and hope for at least one nice one…

Russian war memorial

From the tanks and cannons of the momument it was just a short way to the Brandenburger Tor. A short Multicache brought us past the gate. With only a few muggles around the area at nighttime, it was easy to search for it.

Brandenburger Gate at night

After that I reached a personal highlight: Reichstag. There the cache was a bit tricky to locate, and even trickier to retrieve, cause here lots of people pass. Eventually with a bit of patience and the pretent photographer number, we were able to log. Did I say pretend? Oh, no! I did take pictures from this interesting view of the Reichstag building.
The view from the cache.Reichstag

After this found, my 900th, we went to those famous steps in front of the building.

My dream had been to sit there. To reminiscent about all these famous and infamous people, who had been here. For a short visit, for some years, lots of renown names have walked over these steps.

Front Stufen

I wanted to sit there. My children couldn’t comprehend, why I would want to do that. Neither my family. But then, this is my dream, I don’t expect others to understand it. They have their own dreams.

For me it was great to sit there and look out over the Platz der Republik. Especially at night, with only a few other people around.

On Sunday morning we found a cache along the Teltow canal. Close by the last remains of the Berlin wall seems to be left. Surplus to requirement…

am Kanal mauer

The rest of the sunday was spent looking at plants in the Botanical Gardens Berlin and another garden near Potsdam. By night we were back at home.

I can’t really say I have seen a lot of Berlin. So now I have a reason to go back there some other time. Definetely worth a visit, though. A famous saying is: I have left a suitcase in Berlin, so I have to go back there.