Berlin Part 2: GC77

The next morning, Saturday,  we had Germany’s oldest cache on our list. We had made arrangements to meet moenk and Kai977 for making a podcast about GC77. Bikenpreusse also came along.

10 o’clock on a Saturday is a good time, but as I didn’t know the area, I headed out there early. I found the location easily enough with half an hour to spare. And so I got the chance to find the cache before the others arrived.

Blick auf blick von
View in all directions… Well, nearly…
parken blick weg

Unfortunately I hadn’t read the decription very well. I had just put the coordinates into the GPSr in order to meet with the others and thought we would search together. But with half an hour early and parking nearly on top of it, I didn’t wait. So now I was searching for a Traditional, but there was no hiding place at the coordinates.

A car arrived, but not my contacts. So I started tidying the van. But they had not only a dog, but also a GPSr, so I asked them wether they were looking for Germany’s First as well. No, they were searching for the Bonuscache. But they gave me the vital information that I have to project in order to find the cachelocation. Very embarrassing!

In the meantime the listing got changed to multicache, which is the correct label for this cache. Thanks again to ApproV and BlackyV for updating the cachelisting!

Nothing is more irritating, than searching for a traditional, while it isn’t a traditional anymore…

I had never been taped for a podcast before, but the whole meeting was really great. The weather couldn’t have been better, sun and sand, we tailgated at Dolly, as my VW T5 is called lovingly, surrounded by pines and fields. moenk ensured that the atmosphere while podcasting stayed very relaxed and so we had great fun. In the meantime my kids built a castle with moat at the original cachelocation of Germany’s first geocache, totally unaware of the historic site…

SandburgDigging used to be the way to find Germany’s first. Nowadays only my son is still enthusiasticly digging in the sand…

The original cache was placed about 50cm below the surface. The cachers had to dig with a shovel. After about half way down, a huge stone was placed and then you had to dig further in order to reach a glas jam jar like container. Thankfully this kind of hide is not allowed anymore…

Aufnahme podcasting
Not live on air, but nearly….

Kai977 made a video, but be careful, it is full of spoilers…

Later on Kai977, bikenpreusse, my kids and I went to search for some other nearby caches.

One was about 30m off. But somehow even the owner couldn’t find it anymore, so I wonder who moved the box including the camouflage of four big pieces of wood, as those were clearly described in the hint… Some lovely wild Scilla were colouring the forest floor. Spring truely arrived by now!


The road, well sandy track with huge potholes, lead us past lovely weekend retreats, also known as Datschas. Some of these weekend cabins were same size as my house. I wonder, if some people might be living permanently here. But then the road wouldn’t invite to drive during rainy weather or in snow conditions! Or one would need a “proper car” (Land Rover, e. g.)

Sandy road, with potholes galoreSandpiste

The area is full of lakes, it was so nice to visit them in the lovely warm spring weather. One of the caches we found even lead us to the lakeshore of a huge one. But the water was still quite cold, we only dared to dip the hands in…