Since I got introduced to caching by first handling a coin, those pieces of metal never lost their appeal.

In August 08 I found out about pathtags, and I must say these fascinate me even more than coins.

Now, what are pathtags?

Pathtags are about the size of a one €uro coin. They are signature items or trade items, which can be followed. On the site of the Pathtags my tags have a description and I can see on a map where in the world my pathtag ended, if the finder logs this. They can be dropped in caches, same as other trade items. But mainly they can stay with the finder, there is no need to drop them in another cache.

Some very generous people sent me the first few just so I could get my collection started and after I had my first own pathtag, this collection grew rapidly. By now I have my own 15 different designs.


The first 3 I bought from approved designers, but then I realised, that I have photoshop on my laptop and got to experiment with that. It is so much fun to get a design done, but the best part is, when after a few weeks waiting those little tags actually are delivered.

arm voll rosennyssasnowdrops

These trade items are not like coins, they are not supposed to travel. These tags are for trading or leaving a mark. When I leave them in a cache, I claim: I was here.

All taggers are happy, when their tag gets logged. ‘Cause then the coordinates of the finder show up on a map and I see, where in the world my tags turned up.

Tags are for keeps, just the opposite to coins found in a cache.

At first I stored all my traded tags on my fridge. This was especially nice, as lots of those tags were Halloween tags and had the special feature of glow. I had great fun to “load” my tags and then switch off the light in the kitchen and look at the eerie glowing of the tags…

But eventually my fridge got too small. Well, not as a fridge, but for storing my pathtags.

So I got those coinholder sheets for a ring binder. And then I had great fun to sort all coins in categories.

Now I have all animals together, all states and countries, all holiday tags, all flowers…