Today neirolf started a new blog carnival or blog parade about which essentials one takes along on a cache tour.

I have a bag to take along for all my essentials.

Most important of course is the GPSr. In my case that’s a Geko 201. This got a nice black case, so the screen won’t scratch. Also I can attach a lanyard, so it is not so easy to loose it.

In my caching bag then I have:

  • a notebook, the old style paperversion,
  • several ball pens, as I tend to loose them,
  • camera, Canon Power Shot A80,
  • spare batteries for Gecko and camera,
  • a torch with 21 LED, an UV torch for nightcaching, headlamp,
  • a small bag with trade items, mostly glas marbles, pathtags, fishing lure lights, pins,
  • spare logbooks, film canisters,
  • a woolen cover for my paper tissues,
  • a small bottle with “Schwedenbitter”, an alkohol-based herb mixture, as a first aid for stings and rashes,
  • some ibuprofen tablets,  against migraine in case of emergencies,
  • tick tweezers,
  • a calculator, as I’m notoriously bad at maths…

And of course some coins, which can be discovered when I meet up with cachers.

For daytrips I take also some bottled water and sandwiches along or a full fledged picnic.

As I usually wear hiking boots and always carry a Victorinox Swiss pocketknife with tweezers, I never thought of mentioning those… They are not caching essentials, but every day essentials.

If you want to join the blog parade, just write an article about what you take along on a tour and link it in the commentary.