The second Ruhr area Coin Convention took place on Sunday, 1st March.

I had planned attending, and even as the will attend logs disapointed me, as only a few had logged, I still sorted through all my traders and got them ready to take along.

On the way, I visited a TB Hotel at the motorway. Unfortunately the ground there was all newly landscaped and soft, if not to say muddy! My boots took a colour change to a lovely shade of light brown, with a frosting of loose chippings to top it of. Well, my car’s footwell is well used to muddy boots. But the convention took place in a very posh house, where we had to enter over a red carpet!

Arriving near the coordinates we entered past a former gatehouse the extensive wooded grounds of Uhlenhorst Residence. The drive lead up to the house, where a roof ensured a dry drop off area for the so inclined. Red carpets and all. The house still boast of lots of the original furnishings and doors, it was like stepping back in time.

Like a true convention, signs showed us the right way to the place the Geocachers met to have a late breakfast/early lunch, which is called Brunch over here.

The food was plenty and very good.

Nicer still was it to meet with other coin enthusiast, or dare I call them addicts? Got the chance to look at some very fine collections, talk coins, trade coins and eat some more. It was great fun! Time flew by, as it tends to do when you enjoy yourself.

At lunchtime a lady surprised me and got my attention as she cued up at the food table dressed in a wedding gown with train, pearls in her lovely done hair.

Did she get lost? Where does she come from? And that handsome fellow with the dark suit and red rose at the revers seems to be the groom. Do they really celebrate their wedding at this surely posh house but between us rather rural and practically dressed geocachers? (And here I was with my muddy boots! Oh my…)

But hold on, the young men sitting with them at the table wore black t-shirts with a funny slogan. And true enough, here was a film crew taking their lunch break! Talk about proper entertainment for an event!

Shortly after lunch a group decided to start on a multicache, which leads through the grounds of the residence. The tour went past some deer and emu enclosures, where it was possible to watch those animals quite closely. The emu especially weren’t to happy with the dogs we had with us. They started fake attacks towards the fence. Needless to say, the dogs got really exited by this. Aren’t fowl to be scared of them, and much smaller?

The sunny and mild weather made sure we thoroughly enjoyed our tour through the woodlands.

The drive back to Kassel went quick enough and rather uneventful.

But now I have to get my traderslist up to date, cause there was some serious change taking place there…