From Kassel to Ireland and back-
Part 4: Europe’s First

For the weekend I had planned to visit Bray, south of Dublin and look for Europe’s First.

BrayThe Bay of Bray

I had seen the video of JeePSer’s 1000th find and decided, I want to go for this historic cache as well!

My friend has a hunting cabin in the Wicklow Mountains, so he gave us the key and directions. Even as I had been there twice, I never had to drive there on my own.
On our way to Bray we searched for some others, the Red Wheel Barrow, for example. A brilliant pun, which can only be understood when you visit the location at the bank of the River Barrow!

Parking near Bray Head was a nightmare, but eventually I found an empty spot. We took a walk along the cliff walk and found the hiding spot. In winter less difficult, as the ferns are only brown lumps and less dense.
I left one of mine and Guinness70’s pathtag in oldest Cache in Europe. It was placed in 2003. A few weeks later they got logged by JeePSers relatives, which pleased me no end.

The site and the cormorants below us

After Europes First we went up to Bray Head.

way to Bray HeadThe scenic route, not the easy one…

The hint indicated, that we had to go to the top. Finnuala was first up there, but a look at my Gecko told me, that we had to get down a bit again. Why the cross wasn’t at the highest point, I have no idea, though.
Bray HeadSunset

After finding the box in a quiet area of this well visited headland, we paid a visit to the sea life centre. I just love watching fish.

CrabGiant Japanese Spider Crab

SharkShark at Bray Sealife Centre

The sunday in the Wicklow Mountains was so wet and misserable, I didn’t fancy staying till Monday as I had planned. The caches there are all only to find when you take a long hike, so I just didn’t like doing that in the rain.

The only possible drive in was up at the highest crossing, the famous Sally Gap. On our way up from Glendalough we spotted hundreds of deer, at 70 we stopped counting.
The cache at Sally Gap was an ordinary micro, not like all the others I had found so far. As I had all caches around Europe’s First on my pocket query, I wasn’t aware, that this is a Premium Members Only cache. Finnuala and KS-HTK were not allowed to log their find, even when they logged in the logbook. I did log this cache for my kids, but the owner contacted me and asked for removal of those logs. Very strange behaviour in my eyes… Why should every family member be a PM? Ah, well, one’s missing in their found history.

We then went to find a very strange cache, it was simly named: Geocache. Here I tested the off road abilities of my VW transporter ‘Dolly’ to the max, the track was rough, but not too rough for her.

LaurelThe garden was certainly in dire need of some maintenance, I’ve never seen Prunus laurocerasus that big!

For St. Bridgets Headstone I couldn’t find an access, but we walked past a graveyard and through a very wet forest to find this strange stone. I didn’t fancy testing the myth. They say, when you have a headache you need to hold your head in the hole to be cured. But if you abuse the stone and put your head in without having a headache, you’ll get one for sure.
As I’m suffering of migraine more than enough, I didn’t dare testing this myth, though.
St. Bridget's headstoneSt. Bridgets Headstone was decorated with rosary beads and other religious devotions

As the weather was not the least bit inviting, we went back to Waterford and low and behold, there it hadn’t rained at all. It not called the ‘Sunny South East’ for nothing!

Special thanks to JeePSer to let me link their video!