From Kassel to Ireland and back-
Part 2: Dover-Pembroke

I’m always looking forward to the ferrycrossing, I just love being aboard a ship. Unfortunately my kids tend to get seasick, I never had any troubles there.
But as they say, there is only one cure against sea-sickness: Sit under a tree.
The White Cliffs of Dover are always a lifting sight!

After a calm channelcrossing, we searched for our first cache on Britians ground in Dover. It is amazing, how much one can learn through caching. I had never even heard of Louis Bleriot. But I found the place where he landed.

The Motorway Mayhem Caches did need some time to get used to. Rule number one: Make sure, you know which direction you have to get back on the motorway, in order not to travel in the wrong direction.

We had about 3 DNFs and two finds. Spent the night in Wales at a reststation, where some Ford Fiesta drivers did something really strange and scary with plastic trays of a bakery and an empty parking lot… They put the trays underneath the rear tires and rewwed the engines to scidd over the lot. Noisy and crazy. When I want to scidd, I just wait for winter and ice on the road…

Anyway, we left in the morning to find a cache or two of Eclectric Penguin.
He was my Penguin Mission partner in the Big Blue, the Groundspeak Forum and I had promised to leave a coin and a tag for him in one of his caches.
After finding another motorway mayhem cache, I took the scenic route through the mountains, as it was only 8km to the cache at a church I had choosen for the transaction as it was a seldom visited cache.

SunriseSunrise over the Welsh Mountains

Did I say 8km? Yes, but what steep mountains were between me and the cache!!! We drove up on the highest point, as a turn to the right would have brought me down into a deep glen and up on the other side again. According to my Gecko (Geko 201) this was the shortest way. My daughter was quite upset, that I didn’t fancy taking this road, and veered off to the left to stay on what appeared to me the “main road” (cough, cough…)

Driving down into a different valley the road had hawthorn hedges at the side and now and then the odd farm. Suddenly a grey squirrel jumped in front of my car. I stopped, but the squirrel wasn’t bothered by my approach, it jumped a few paces ahead and started grooming. I was too amazed to take out the camera, but then a grey squirrel on a grey road wouldn’t be a great motiv…
The game of it jumping ahead and me driving carefully along the road took quite some time, he clearly thought I had no right to use the road. I rarely got that close for such a long time to a squirrel…

We found the cache at the church and also two at the end of the motorway and went to Fishguard.

secluded church
Secluded Church

With little fuel left due to my fast driving and only 30 Pound Sterling, I didn’t want to fuel up and hoped to do that in Ireland, as Diesel is much cheaper there and they also have Euro…
Waiting in front of the ferry building I checked my ticket for the departure times and realised:
OH, NO, it says Pembroke here… So back we went and on to Pembroke… Now the low fuel lamp was on all the time, but we managed to get there in time for the ferry and with still enough fuel left…

The ferry docked, but there was black sooty smoke coming out of the chimney. I told the kids, it doesn’t look good. And sure enough, we weren’t allowed to board. Engine trouble.
At 13:30 we had to be there, 14:30 scheduled departure. Around 4ish, they let us board. It was quite cold, as I didn’t dare to start the heating system, as I was’t sure, how much Diesel this might use…
Around 6pm we left Pembroke and at 9pm we reached Rosslare.

Shipping ViewShipping View

By that time I was so tired and excausted, that we just did one cache near the ferry and went to a secluded beach for the night. It was a great spot to camp with a view of Tuscar Rock.