One shouldn’t do anything after 11pm. Haven’t I learned from my experience with my bedside lamp?

What an easy thing to do, to connect the two lamps, so I can switch them with one button.

But rule number one: When working in the house. Don’t do something late in the evening, thinking it will only take a few minutes.

Rule number two: Pull all electrical plugs before taking appliances apart. The shortcircuit just shutt down everything and nothing happens, apart from a huge fright I got.

What has this 5 years ago event to do with now? Well, don’t be goaded into writing a blog, when you really don’t want to write one.
And don’t let the users of mumble talk get you to register a blog. ‘Cause instead of being out in the wood, finding this mystery which is solved for 4 days now, I’m sitting half the night till half past three and the half sunday infront of this stupid computer and try to get this working…

Well, the writing isn’t the bad part, but getting the site to look like I’d like to have it, that’s the hard bid. A technically challenged person like me, should stay out in the outdoors and don’t attempt to start a blog…

We’ll see, how far I will get with this.